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Missione Calcutta Onlus is an independent organisation founded in 1992 with head offices in Italy and in Calcutta. It was set up following a meeting between the founder and Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

Right from the very beginning, Missione Calcutta Onlus has undertaken to defend the rights of the most disadvantaged groups in India due to the caste system and the great divergence between rural and urban areas.

The two instruments used by the association are child sponsorship and development projects. With the first, Missione Calcutta Onlus supports children, who have been abandoned or who are living in precarious and dangerous conditions, throughout their education, guaranteeing their studies, food and health care. At the end of their education, the youngsters are accompanied into the world of work. With the development projects, Missione Calcutta Onlus takes action on a wider scale, working together with the Indian population to build a sustainable future, free from hunger, poverty and degradation.



Ensuring a society without discriminations and inequalities for indian children, in which universal human rights are finally recognized and taken for granted.


Considering that instruction is an effective and powerful growth factor, we dedicate our time to children from marginalised and discriminated social groups, ensuring them school enrolment, foodstuffs and medical treatments through our Child Sponsorship Programme. We are directely working in the targeted area by implementing and monitoring projects, building a favorable environment to the long-term economic development for the local communities.

Our Values

  • Equality : “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.” As far as indian children are concerned, this fundamental right is truly tested. Everyday, men, women and children are enduring discriminations based on their caste, gender and/or religion.
    We work as one team in order to help the beneficiaries, without making any distinction.
  • Rights : We entirely agree with the values of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and we do work in line with these basis.
  • Respect of the cultures and local traditions : India is a country full of traditions, habits and customs. Each social group has a story with its particularities. Before intervening, we take them into consideration in order to operate in the most ethical way.
  • Independance : We work in an autonomous way with local partners and stakeholders chosen for their professional skills and their ethical sense.
  • Sustainable development : We are convinced that the local communities have the keys to change their situation. Together, we are working to strenghten the people and giving them resilience capacity.
  • Ethic use of the funds : Our projetcs are implemented according to an ethic plan and by following the transparency principle for our donors.

Child sponsorship and projects

Contribute towards improving the lives of the Indian population: by building villages, wells, hospital wards, purchasing tools for work or means of transport, everything that guarantees independence for those who deserve real help!


“In 1974 I began my first child sponsorship of a little girl who just happened to come from India…, perhaps it was just destiny.
I have kept the letter dated September 1992 in which Mother Teresa of Calcutta advised me how I could help the largest number of needy Indian children, “Do not uproot them from their territory or from their families but help them to build a future by means of an education, making them conscious and aware of their own future through child sponsorship.”
Archbishop Henry D’Souza, Mother Teresa’s close aide and the person in charge of Centro d’Aiuto in Calcutta, sent me photographs and the stories of fifteen children who needed sponsorship.
I took steps immediately to find as many generous families willing to help them.
I found them and, in so doing, founded my Missione”.

Hélène Ehret – President and Founder of Missione Calcutta Non-profit organisation

Set up in 1992 thanks to the generosity of Hélène Ehret, Missione Calcutta officially became a non-profit organisation ten years later. It has been dealing with the sponsorship of needy children in India for 22 years. The whole project is based on schooling for the poorest children and the wish to show them an alternative to a predestined future based on discriminating systems that are not meritocratic.
Missione Calcutta does not stop at just enabling children to grow up with an education and a strong awareness of themselves, but we also ensure that they are guaranteed the right nutrition, clothes and access to basic medical treatment.
Up until now, we have guaranteed the future of about 7,000 children.




Hélène Ehret – founder and President of Missione Calcutta Onlus (non-profit organisation) was born on 15th July 1934 in Sewen – Alsace. The second of four children, Hélène was brought up in a poor family, her father was a steel-worker and her mother was a housewife, yet the family was dignified and had great moral principles.
Hélène’s childhood was not one of the most serene. Despite numerous difficulties, Hélène’s father managed to enable his children to study, but at just 15 years old, Hélène was forced to forgo this opportunity owing to the premature death of her mother.
At the age of 18, she met her future husband, an Italian with whom she moved to what was to become her adopted country and where her two daughters Nilla and Nadia were born.
Thanks to her knowledge of both French and German, she began work as an office worker in the textile sector and continued to do so despite a serious bereavement in the family: Hélène’s sister died, leaving two orphaned children: the elder daughter was looked after by her paternal grandparents, while Hélène offered to look after the son who was just two years old.
In 1974, Hélène had her first contact with the world of child sponsorship and discovered how this formula can help the needy in the most loving and caring way without uprooting them from their territory or from their loved ones. This conviction was confirmed by Mother Teresa of Calcutta herself who in 1992, suggested that Hélène should get in touch with Seva Kendra, that is the Help Centre in Calcutta, which was supervised by her close aide, Archbishop Henry D’Souza. He sent Hélène photographs and the “biographies” of fifteen children of about six years old who would not have been able to attend school without a sponsorship.
For the first time, Hélène suggested the idea of joining her on this exciting adventure to a group of Italian friends. Slowly but surely the circle began to spread until reaching the current results: more than just providing help to over 7,000 children, Hélène makes sure that her undertaking goes far beyond just simple child sponsorship. In fact Missione Calcutta has carried out three very ambitious projects: the building of a village, the renovation of a children’s home and the building of a centre for rehabilitation and treatments using alternative medicine.


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Our Team

Hélène Ehret


Italian Office


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Italian Office



Italian Office



Italian Office

Missione Calcutta is proud of how the donations are invested; up to  90% of the donations are used for the activities and  initiatives regarding Child Sponsorships and Projects of various kinds in numerous areas on Indian territory.

Form and Documents

Offices in Italy

Missione Calcutta Onlus

CF: 02820210165

Registered Office: Via Ambrosoli, 7, 24020 Scanzorosciate (BG)

Executive Offices: Via Guglielmo Marconi, 26, 24020 Scanzorosciate (BG)

Office in India

Since 2012, Missione Calcutta Onlus field activities are coordinted by Missione Calcutta Indian Office, in perfect keeping with the directives of Missione Calcutta non-profit organisation


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