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In India, thousands of children face a future of hardship and deprivation. You can change things with a very simple gesture! With just a little more than 50 cents a day, you can contribute towards the costs of providing  for one or more children, guaranteeing that they receive food, clothes, education, books and Christmas presents. 

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OVER THE YEARS MISSIONE CALCUTTA has helped more than 7,000 children, contributing towards their health care, education and the general well-being of their families

Infancy in India


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Infant mortality

WEANED AND SOLD : Hired by the day in exchange for loans, forced to lose their way in the megalopolis. There are 44 million of them. Aged between 5 and 14 years old,  they work, produce an income and a profit. Moreover, their work is included in the official statistics and is translated into gross domestic product, growth rate and macroeconomic data and then disappears. The drama that occurs every day, however, remains. In India, millions of children are slaves, often hired out by their own parents to industries or mediators who exploit their work to the limits of the children’s physical capacities. Many millions of other children live on charity, forced to beg in order to collect a little money for their families or simply for themselves, just to survive. Many millions of others are born and live on the pavements of Calcutta, New Delhi, Mumbai and Madras. This is not to mention those children who are deliberately crippled by unscrupulous organisations in order to arouse pity in the people they beg from. Being a child in India is always painful, sometimes tragic, especially if the boys or girls belong to the poorest social levels, in other words about half the population which now accounts for over one billion people, or to a lower cast, such as that of the untouchables.


What is child sponsorship
The sponsorship provides everything a child needs: food, clothing, medicine, education, stationery and presents distributed to all the children in the same institute during festivities. The type of present depends to a large extent on the extra amounts given, even small sums of money, that some Godfathers/Godmothers offer. The child support covers the primary and secondary schooling up to  the age of 18, unless the family moves to another area.

Offices in Italy

Missione Calcutta Onlus

CF: 02820210165

Registered Office: Via Ambrosoli, 7, 24020 Scanzorosciate (BG)

Executive Offices: Via Guglielmo Marconi, 26, 24020 Scanzorosciate (BG)

Office in India

Since 2012, Missione Calcutta Onlus field activities are coordinted by Missione Calcutta Indian Office, in perfect keeping with the directives of Missione Calcutta non-profit organisation


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