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Sewing Center for Girls

LOCATION’: Tanuku, West Godavari, Andra Pradesh
DATE: 2004
The sewing centre was set up following a visit by the founder of Missione Calcutta, Helene Ehret, to the poorest villages in the area of  Tanuku. Helene was greatly struck by the conditions of the women in those areas: the patriarchal system forces girls to marry very young, trapping them in arranged marriages that often lead to violence and deprivation. The girls in these villages are not encouraged to study, but only to get married very young with all the consequent risks involved. The sewing centre began in order to guarantee a dignified life to the women who are discriminated against and marginalized, allowing them to carry out an active role in their lives thanks to dressmaking work. The girls who are enrolled at the centre come from the villages near Tanuku, and they belong to the most marginalized groups of society. The centre represents the only opportunity for them to escape the circle of poverty and exclusion into which they are born. At the Centre, thanks to a free training course that lasts 6 months, a group of  women learns to sew and embroider, to make dolls and small pieces of jewellery, a job that will enable them to start a dignified working life for themselves and for their families. In the last semester, which began in November 2015 and ended in April 2016, 35 girls took part in the training course. Since it was set up, 400 girls have followed the course. Every year, thanks to the important contributions of our supporters, we give sewing machines to the best students and to the neediest so that they can start to work from home. After the course, the girls go to work in factories or they set up their own production and sales activity at home.

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