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LOCATION: Shanti Bhavan, Tamil Nadu
DATE: 2008
In 2008, thanks to the funds collected by the Italian 5X1000 tax contribution system, Missione Calcutta decided to tackle the health problem of the poor, forgotten inhabitants of the rural villages in the area of Shanti Bhavan, in the far north of Tamil Nadu, 70 km east of Bangalore. The idea began with a partnership with the George Foundation, a charity organisation founded by Mr. George Abraham, an Indian who emigrated to the United States. On returning to his native country, Mr. Abraham was shocked by the conditions he saw and decided to take concrete action in order to reduce the injustices and discrimination that characterise India. The George Foundation set up an excellent school in Shanti Bhavan for the children born in the most deprived rural areas for the purpose of developing their skills by means of a good level of education. According to the founder, only in this way could the children really escape the poverty that has chained down their families for generations, enabling them to aspire to high level careers and professions. Following the meeting between Hélène and Mr. George it became clear that there was a need to provide a mobile clinic that could reach the remotest villages in the area, to provide first aid, health care and vaccinations. The poor and sick do not have the means to go to the city hospitals nor can they afford to pay for an ambulance or a taxi to take them there. Furthermore, especially during the monsoon period and the winter season, the number of the sick increases quite considerably.  Missione Calcutta has set up an ambulance, providing the necessary staff and medicines and every week it travels to the villages around  Shanti Bhavan. The clinic provides health care and first aid, treating patients for deep cuts, burns, snake bites and seasonal health problems. Moreover, the clinic assists pregnant women up to the birth, ensuring care for the mother and baby which is essential for the survival of the newly born. The mobile clinic also runs vaccination campaigns against hepatitis A and B,  malaria, polio and tuberculosis, illnesses that can be prevented only if vaccinations are given at the right time, so reducing the death rate. Apart from the treatments, the mobile clinic also organises health awareness and information events about how to prevent illnesses, how to use medicinal herbs and health care for mothers and young babies. As of today, the clinic is still operative thanks to its tireless staff and it is entirely funded by the George Foundation and its partners. Missione Calcutta is in continual contact with the George Foundation, and is constantly updated on the developments of the mobile clinic.

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