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LOCATION: Calcutta
DATA: Every week
More than 10 million people live in the streets of Calcutta. They are mainly seasonal migrants who come to the city in the hope of finding a better life, but they end up dying of hunger on the streets of Calcutta. As they are not recognised as being resident in Calcutta, they do not receive any benefit from the government.
These people survive by collecting rubbish and selling what they find, or as servants or prostitutes. The children who manage to attend state schools during the week can eat at school, but at the weekend or during the holidays they go without food for days. On the streets of Calcutta, children and adolescents are often victims of abuse, forced labour, drug addiction and illnesses, while the women are subject to sexual abuse and are exploited in every way. Finally, there are the elderly, abandoned by their families who do not have the means to support them.
Missione Calcutta decided to intervene so that fewer and fewer people die of hunger and hardship and it organises food distribution once a week. The distribution is organised by local volunteers who, driven by the spirit of Missione Calcutta, take care of every detail, from the purchase of fresh food to the actual distribution.
Missione Calcutta set up this project with 100 beneficiaries who have now grown to 222. This means that every Sunday, 222 people receive a food parcel containing basic food such as bread, milk, rice, eggs, potatoes and fruit. This food enables them to survive for another week. The beneficiaries, who are provided with a card which allows them to receive the food, are identified by our local staff: this is a difficult job, because we would like to help everybody, but because of the particular economic trends that we are experiencing, we have to select only the poorest of the poor.
In the last year, most people who have received the food parcels are women (114), children (86), the disabled (11) and the elderly (11), who spend their life in the street with only a ground sheet for protection. There are far more people who need help: with your support we can help more and more families, alleviating with our small gesture the difficulties that life has dealt them. 

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Offices in Italy

Missione Calcutta Onlus

CF: 02820210165

Registered Office: Via Ambrosoli, 7, 24020 Scanzorosciate (BG)

Executive Offices: Via Guglielmo Marconi, 26, 24020 Scanzorosciate (BG)

Office in India

Since 2012, Missione Calcutta Onlus field activities are coordinted by Missione Calcutta Indian Office, in perfect keeping with the directives of Missione Calcutta non-profit organisation


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