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Helene Ehret Vision Centre

LOCATION: Tanuku, West Godavari, Andra Pradesh
DATE: 2004
In 2004, Missione Calcutta founded the Helene Ehret Vision Centre, an eye centre in the city of Tanuku, in Andra Pradesh that also serves the nearby villages. The facility not only includes the eye centre, but also a dormitory for pupils coming from remote villages, a shelter for young people and a sewing school for girls. The centre was set up following a partnership with the Lions Club of Sajjapuram which founded the Lion’s Eye Hospital in Nidadavole, a hospital that is at the forefront of treatments for ophthalmic pathologies. The Helene Ehret Vision Centre was set up to carry out a free initial eye screening of the inhabitants of Tanuku and the surrounding villages, who, given the distance to the nearest hospital and the lack of money, could not receive appropriate treatments. Every year the centre organises Eye Days, in other words free eye tests for those who need them. These days are announced by a speaker in the villages and advertised in the newspapers, on TV and the local radio stations in order to spread the news of the event as widely as possible. Following the tests, which are performed by doctors from the Lion’s Eye Hospital, the most serious cases are taken to hospital where they undergo operations free of charge. Missione Calcutta has equipped its eye centre with the instruments necessary for the first tests carried out within a year, together with check-ups and post-operative treatments. Glasses and medicines are also distributed at the centre free of charge. The first Eye Day was held in January 2006, and met with immediate success: in just the first day alone, 900 people were tested. Of these, 52 people were taken to the eye hospital in Nidadavole. The next day, the turnout was so great that a third free day of screening was required, giving a total of 1,300 patients, 141 of whom were taken to hospital for surgery. Over the years, the turnout has always been high and, in 2015, 815 took part at the Eye Day, 69 of whom were sent to the eye hospital for various operations and 175 people received glasses free of charge. As of today, 18,700 people have had their eyes tested at the Helene Ehret Vision Centre, 700 of whom have received surgery and 1,500 have been given glasses.

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