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Sustainable Agriculture in West Bengal

LOCATION: Asansol, West Bengal
DATE: 2014

West Bengal is one of the poorest region of India, people in this area suffer due to the lack of food and fresh water. Those who live in the target zones of our project, namely the rural areas of Asansol and the villages of South Parganas, North Parganas and Bankura districts, eat an average of 1500kcal per day: too few for the proper development of an human being.

Agriculture and breeding are the core economic activities of these disadvantaged regions, but the survival of farmers is in danger because of rising costs, small fields, natural disasters and soil impoverishment: in the last year, the scarcity of rain brought an extended drought and consequently famine for an increasing share of population.  

Missione Calcutta coordinates a project in the rural area of Asansol, West Bengal: our commitment is to increase food production.

In order to achieve our goals, we promote the use of sustainable and eco-friendly techniques and we put effort into increasing the variety of available food through a better harvest management. We are also trying to encourage the development of horticulture and breeding farms thanks to loans, technical advice, development of farmers cooperatives and re-activation of degraded areas. 

The aim of this project is to increase the harvest and the production of meat and seeds: in this way, farmers will able to sell the leftovers. This will guarantee an higher availability of food on local markets and reduce malnutrition.

This project has been supported by Credito Bergamasco that has contributed to the successful recovery of a plot of land in Bankura district.

We have also been able to provide irrigation and fresh water wells, entirely supported by benefactors’ donations.

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