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LOCATION: Nuta, Burdwan district, West Bengal
DATE: 2017

Nuta is a rural area located at 150 km from Kolkata, where tribal people live, discriminated and poor people with no caste, with precarious seasonal jobs.

Notwithstanding their hard living conditions, the main goal of these people is to ensure schooling to their children and guarantee them a better future far from the poverty they have suffered for generations.

It’s actually true that Nuta’s children can go to compulsory school like other Indian children, but too many people underestimate how tough and dangerous may be the route get to his school for a child living in a rural area . At Missione Calcutta, we do consider the risk.

The children who are living in small villages such as Nuta have to walk from 4 to 12 km to reach their own school.
How do they do it? Either on foot, or on the overcrowded rooftop of a school bus. Considering that children spend a lot of time on their trip to school, they come back too tired and exhausted to be able to study in a profitable way. Not to mention how dangerous it can be for them to travel on a roof top or among adults who are going to work, risking sexual abuse, especially for girls.

This year, thanks to the project “At School by Bike”, 21 boys and 32 girls will go to school by bike with their friends, without being stressed by the travel risks of an overcrowded school bus. Riding a bike means to cover long distances in a shorter time, saving precious hours for their homework. These 53 bicycles are a good reason not to surrender and keep attending the school.
The project has been implemented thanks to the support of GEKO s.p.a, to a fundraising event organized by some volunteers in Naple’s Barril, on Saturday 11th March 2017 and to many private donations.
It’s only through the education of poor children that we can break this circle of poverty where families have been trapped for generations. At Missione Calcutta Onlus, we won’t give it up !

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