From the financing of building work for schools, hospitals and houses to support in the health sector and job training; Missione Calcutta finances hundreds of projects in the most varied fields all over the Indian territory


Education is the strongest weapon to overcome poverty and ignorance. These were the words of Nelson Mandela and we totally agree! Over the years, Missione Calcutta has grown far beyond all the most optimistic forecasts. The number of child sponsorships has grown so overwhelmingly that it has become necessary to build institutes in which the children can be housed. We have built numerous institutes, both in the outskirts of Calcutta (Namasole, Kearchand, Bhattanagar etc.) as well as in other areas such as Kuarmunda in Orissa, and even in the north in the region of Birbum which is, undoubtedly, the most impressive building that our non-profit organisation has built, housing over 2,000 pupils.


In India the number of needy adults and children is continually on the increase and the percentage of those affected by natural or inflicted disabilities is staggering. We have discovered that if they are treated in time, many of these disabilities can be cured or at least alleviated, making life for those affected considerably less distressing. For this reason, we have bought wheelchairs, rehabilitation equipment, arranged orthopaedic operations and over the years we have even  purchased mobile clinics and, thanks to the generous contribution of the local Lions Club association, we have set up a centre for eye care and surgery.

Micro projects

We take steps to ensure that needy families can live safely under a roof with four walls around them.
Up until now, we have built numerous small houses: for example in the village of Cirimunidanga we have built fifty of them. Every small house has two rooms, a bathroom and a balcony with solid foundations. Furthermore, in Tamil Nadu, we have built special small houses that can be used as a model by the local community. The cost of each house varies from 1,500 to 4,000 euros, according to the territory, the size and type of house and the complexity of the building work

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The map of the completed projects

From the completed projects to the ones that are under way, here is the interactive map of dozens of projects financed by Missione Calcutta thanks to your donations.
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Since 2012, Missione Calcutta Onlus field activities are coordinted by Missione Calcutta Indian Office, in perfect keeping with the directives of Missione Calcutta non-profit organisation


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